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Make-up box


I've always been a tidy person. I find if my surroundings are messy then my mind feels cluttered too. My makeup has been living in a big Mulberry wash bag, all muddled up since I moved, and I think it's about time I give it all a new home.

A clear acrylic box like this is ideal to store makeup- you can see where everything is at a glance, it's inexpensive, practical and easy to grab the couple of items you need in your handbag each morning before you head out! 

How do you guys store your makeup and beauty products? I'm open to ideas!

Roger Vivier Flats

Shoes - Roger Vivier

These are my favourite flats! I found them years ago in a charity shop for £12 - at the time I had never even heard of Roger Vivier. These shoes get so many comments and glances, I really do love them. The colour is a sort of dark silver, and they have a small heel. They go with everything and add just the right amount of elegance to super simple outfits.


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Trench: Burberry. Jumper: iBlues. Belt: vintage. Jeans: BDG. Boots: Isabel Marant.

Day off look. This coat is a great success, I hope to have it for years and years. It's very cool tied up tightly with the collar popped up, but I look a little too much like a detective for everyday use. Day to day, I like to wear it open with the belt tied behind me.

The black blazer

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Jacket: Chloe. Jumper: H&M. Jeans: BDG. Boots: vintage. T-shirt: Petit Bateau.

British street style?! I've worn this velvet jacket so much, see here. It's at the dry cleaners right now and I miss it - roll on Friday so I can collect. Also, my much loved leather ankle boots, which I'd fallen out of love with for a while, have made a comeback.

√Čtoile Isabel Marant Reilly printed silk dress



 I am looking for this Etoile Isabel Marant dress! It is called the 'Reilly' I believe. You can see it here on Jeanne Damas' blog. If anyone has one they want to sell, pleeeaaaase get in touch! email:

Thank you!


Burberrytrenchflowergirlblog Burberrytrenchflowergirlblog1 Burberrytrenchflowergirlblog7 Burberrytrenchflowergirlblog8 Burberrytrenchflowergirlblog10-1

A trench coat is perfect for unreliable weather. It's not freezing cold here in the UK but it's not exactly a summer haven either. Trying to zone in on outfits that aren't going to leave you 1) horribly underdressed, or 2) overdressed, is harder than you would imagine. I think I just about nailed it these last few days. Under my trench, which is from Burberry, I'm wearing a navy linen cardi from Muji and a Gap breton with my favouritest jeans in the world, which were from Comptoirs des Cotonniers. I just had my Roger Vivier flats re-soled and they feel brand spanking new again! So, this outfit is great for lazing about the house or nipping out in. My Isabel Marant jacket it perfect for taking the outfit from home to work, but I'm still comfy. Shabang! Pics shot in the shop - we just got in a batch of the coolest little Liberty shirts!

Does anyone know if there is a 'correct' length of trench coat for women? Are there any such rules? Because I was thinking of getting mine taken up by a few inches. I like it when trench coats are sort of swamping, but I'm wondering if this one is just a little too long. Any thoughts?


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My outfit from the other day in full. This dress is Isabel Marant from a few seasons ago (a/w 10 maybe?) I love the waist detail and the sweatshirty material is super soft. I haven't worn a dress in ages, been living in jeans over winter, but maybe this spring you'll see me back in dresses. Who knows, maybe I'll even get my old long flowery ones out again.

Has leap year day been lucky for anyone?



There's something so great about coming across a jacket that just melts onto your back like it was made for you. I picked up this velvet Chloé blazer in a thrift shop a while back, I lunged for it in a very unladylike fashion and actually asked to wear it our of the as always, Bex. Velvet must be the hardest material to photograph, so yeah. I also wore an Aubin + Wills striped top, converse and a couple of bits of vintage jewellery, you couldn't get much comfier.

This kind of outfit is great because you can switch the trainers for heels, add some red lipstick and with this kind of jacket it makes it okay to go out in for the evening. Now that's my kind of outfit.