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A trench coat is perfect for unreliable weather. It's not freezing cold here in the UK but it's not exactly a summer haven either. Trying to zone in on outfits that aren't going to leave you 1) horribly underdressed, or 2) overdressed, is harder than you would imagine. I think I just about nailed it these last few days. Under my trench, which is from Burberry, I'm wearing a navy linen cardi from Muji and a Gap breton with my favouritest jeans in the world, which were from Comptoirs des Cotonniers. I just had my Roger Vivier flats re-soled and they feel brand spanking new again! So, this outfit is great for lazing about the house or nipping out in. My Isabel Marant jacket it perfect for taking the outfit from home to work, but I'm still comfy. Shabang! Pics shot in the shop - we just got in a batch of the coolest little Liberty shirts!

Does anyone know if there is a 'correct' length of trench coat for women? Are there any such rules? Because I was thinking of getting mine taken up by a few inches. I like it when trench coats are sort of swamping, but I'm wondering if this one is just a little too long. Any thoughts?