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secret weapon

Lingerie makes up the foundations of our outfits. Even though it's not visible, it shouldn't be overlooked. As well as having a huge impact on how our clothes look and feel, it also plays an emotional role; holding the power to boost our self confidence, as well as our bodies.

Let's look at the effect is has on our clothes. In the first place, I know that if I'm wearing a great set of underwear, I make more of an effort to put a nice outfit together. Who would want to cover up lovely lingerie with a bad outfit? On top of that - if you're wearing lingerie that fits you properly, and is the right cut for your shape, it enhances your body and you feel much better in your clothes.

I demand my underwear be both comfy and pretty at the same time, and there's no reason it should be boring. If I put on anything uncomfortable, I'm conscious of it all day. Sorry, but no-one likes a VPL. Another thing to remember is that it's going right next to your skin, so it should feel nice. I love silk, it's so beautiful to the touch, and even the simplest style of briefs will suddenly look sexy if they're made of a luxurious material. There are so many styles to choose from, and if you aren't yet an underwear junkie like me, you soon will be once you start looking. There's something so fun and addictive about lovely lingerie.

The mental role it has to play may not be so apparent, but I think it's actually more valid. The right underwear changes your mood; it can make you feel so confident. If you haven't ever tried on a killer set of matching lingerie, you might not get what I'm talking about, and I'll admit, it does sound a bit silly. There's nothing magical going on here, but what we wear, in this case lingerie (although it applies to clothing too), can make us feel all manner of ways - from sexy to elegant, playful to mature, the list is endless. And the fact that nobody can see your underwear somehow makes it more fun! Sexiness isn't always about what you see, it's about the feelings you pick up from someone. I think self confidence is one of the most attractive qualities, and yes, what we wear can have a huge impact on how confident we feel.

Of course, there are more important factors in life than clothes (or lingerie), but I do believe that what we put on our backs can help us be the best versions of ourselves! So, whether your lingerie is for your eyes only, or if a special someone will see it too, you should wear it for yourself.

Never underestimate the power of a secret weapon.

My favourite lingerie brands:

Intimissimi. This brand is the reason I got hooked on lingerie. I bought one set, and then went back the next day for two more. I then threw away all my crap, mis-matched underwear and felt like a new woman! It's really well priced and practical, but sexy at the same time.

Calvin Klein Underwear. Two words: triangle bra. I have 3 sets of the triangle 'Envy' bras, with all the versions of matching knickers I could find! They are virtually invisible under the clingiest of clothes and super comfy.

So, what do you guys think about lingerie? Secret weapon? Or not so important?