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Can we talk about Clemence Poesy's enviable collection of perfect jackets? Of course we can...

As a serious jacket lover myself thanks to my Mum (who, due to her own obsession, inadvertently taught me to invest my money in jackets and coats), I'm drooling over the wonderful array of jackets Clemence has. From the perfect Isabel Marant cool, to the classic Chanel tweed, she nails it every time. In pairing these beautiful jackets with very simple counter parts - in most jeans and a t-shirt, she makes them look very effortless - even that dazzling gold Balmain number!

I started thinking about the best investments I've made in my wardrobe, and apart from shoes, jackets have definitely been the most successful. I have 3: a classic black blazer by Chloe, an Isabel Marant boucle jacket, and a more recent investment - a Birger et Mikkelsen sequin jacket, which, surprisingly, goes with everything (I'll show you this one soon!). These are all very different, but I could pair any one of them with my daily outfits or evening looks. I just switch them depending on my mood.

What's not to love about these chameleon like pieces of clothing? As well as being able to wear them all year round (under our cosy winter coats, and over our dresses on cool summer evenings) they add an edge to even the most basic of looks - be it cool, chic, smart or lady-like. Owning a couple of jackets that fit you perfectly, and that you know look great, leads to being able to dress effortlessly, because you can throw one over your jeans and t-shirt and be good to go.

Everyone is different - maybe you're quite casual and you want a couple of great pairs of jeans to pull together your outfits, or if you have a busy job it's a perfectly fitting trouser suit you're after, or maybe it's an exquisite handbag you can carry all the time, day and night, and know just works with everything (hang on, don't we all need one of those?). If you're uncertain, have a look in your closet and see what items you constantly reach for, and go from there.

What I'm saying, is that by carefully selecting a few pieces of clothing that fit you perfectly, and which pull together any look, you don't have to think as much when you get dressed, but you'll still look great (if not better), because you can rely on those items to deliver, time after time.

Clemence Poesy and her jackets are the perfect example, no? She has very simple hair styles and make-up, fuss-free outfits, but her style revolves around one thing: the jacket!

So, which is your favourite?
clemence's jacket collection