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Top 10 Warobe Essentials

When it came to writing this post it ended up taking me a lot longer than anticipated. Several items I thought would make it on here were dropped, and several included, of which I had not given enough thought. After asking myself what I classify as a wardrobe staple, I came to the conclusion that my essentials are the items I know, without fail, I'll feel good in.

I guess this is a pretty predictable list, items like trench coats and breton tops pop up an almost sickening amount of times on lists like these, but for good reasons. Having said that, if you personally do not like any so-called wardrobe staples, don't feel the pressure to include one in your wardrobe. A mistake I made early on was listening to too many people telling me I needed a pea coat, and I needed a navy cardigan - only to find out I didn't actually like them. Your staple wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and personality. There are several items I left off this list which I really considered including (little black dress, white shirt, tailored pants, etc), which, while they have a valuable place in my wardrobe, are not items I wear routinely, or feel entirely 'me' in.

My staples are the items I look to invest a little more money in. I know I'll be wearing them every day, more or less, so I want them to last for at least 5 years. The fit of these garments should also be perfect, otherwise I won't end up wearing them. I've discovered that out of my own essentials list, I am in fact missing several items, or have things that need replacing! A good excuse to keep strict with myself about my wardrobe, trim down items that I don't wear/need/like, and save up for some purchases which will be both much appreciated, and much loved.

My current list:

1. Lingerie
I get more out of my clothes when they go over matching underwear which fits and flatters my shape. See this post for more info.

2. Jeans
I have 3 pairs of jeans I wear in rotation - a grey straight leg pair, a black skinny cut pair (both for all year round), and a washed blue boyfriend cut (for spring/summer). When my black jeans bite the dust (which they soon will as they are only h&m), I might invest in a very dark navy pair, rather than black, as it's a richer colour, but still very classic and wearable.

3. Tees
A small selection of t-shirts, long sleeve tops and a vest or two are items I can't live without. I have one grey t-shirt and a black vest top at the moment and I might invest in a white t-shirt, and a replacement vest soon.

4. Jumpers (winter only)
One grey, one navy or black. The perfect round neck jumpers are hard to find, but I will find them sooner or later. Cashmere or nothing at all! In the winter I love to be cosy, and nothing beats a snuggly cashmere jumper.

5. Trench
I purchased a Topshop trench at the beginning of spring which has proved to be one of the most successful purchases of the year. However, it is of poor quality, and the material is not particularly pleasant against the skin. So I guess you could say it was both a success and a failure! At least now I know I can safely invest some money in a quality trench coat, knowing it will be a long term friend.

6. La Mariniere
The perfect breton is always such a good bet when you're having an 'off day' when it comes to style. Super chic and effortless. Unfortunately mine has shrunk! Any brands you would recommend? APC? Petit Bateau?

7. Jackets
I'm a little biased in this department as I would happily collect jackets of all shapes and styles! I have one smart jacket, and a more casual one. The best jacket feels like it was made for you the moment you slip it on.

8. Shoes!
Shoes, glorious shoes. How can you go wrong with black ballet flats, Roger Vivier heels, and Isabel Marant suede boots? I also have a pair of Vivier 'Belle de Jour' flats, which are wardrobe staples but now a little raggedy, so I have to wear them occasionally until I have the courage (and money) to take a deep breath and invest in a new pair.

9. Winter Coat
My ideal winter coat would come in the form of either this Vanessa Bruno, or this Isabel Marant. I have a straight cut Kooples one which I bought second hand, but really this cocoon style appeals to me so much more as they look so chic with a thin belt, and have room to wear a jacket underneath. When I find the right coat, I won't hesitate to buy it as the winters in the UK seem to be getting longer and colder.

10. Handbags
Very happy with my Kenneth Cole tote bag, it's a chic style, and perfect shade of red, day I would love to invest in an everyday bag and an evening bag I know I will have for life.