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Here are more pictures from our latest shoot at Society Cafe, which was the perfect place in terms of style and ambience. I hope you like them as much as I do! Don't the colours all work together well?

Silk shirt by Brora, bag by Coach, earrings by Hop Hop Hop at Caratime.

16 August 2013


Here is the first look at my recent photo shoot with Remco, which we shot in the wonderful Society Cafe in Bath. It was a great experience to shoot in this kind of environment - working with your surroundings in a busy coffee shop is so different to modelling in the street, or in a studio, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I have so many more pictures to post from this set, but wanted to give you a preview while I get a longer post ready! Let me know what you think? :)

I'm wearing a silk shirt from Brora, Coach handbag, and earrings from Caratime by Hop Hop Hop.

15 August 2013


Earrings by Freedom at Topshop. Photography by Remco Merbis.

Topshop kindly let me choose and model some of their current season jewellery! One of my favourite pieces were these stunning earrings, which curve all the way up your ear like a cuff. I think this style of earring is a big trend right now. I like, as always, to keep things simple, and styled them with an easy up-do and summery tank top. The idea is to let the earrings make the statement! Stop back tomorrow, when I'll be talking rings!

Thank you, Topshop!

8 August 2013


This rainy Saturday I opened my shop, drank coffee with a good customer and we talked about the weather, then I sold a dress I didn't really want to sell because I liked it for myself. I ran home, dodging the crowds of Japanese tourists waiting in line at the Roman Baths (go on a Monday, guys). Then I went to a steam fair, when I arrived the heavens opened and we got drenched, but it was OK because the lights were so pretty and the steam looked magical against a grey sky. We drove the bumper cars, and small children squealed, while The Beach Boys played in the background. We almost died on a pirate ship (no joke), and I almost fell trying to hold my sisters skirt down. In fairness to me, I wanted to ride the merry-go-round, but whatever. Then we got a cup of tea, and I burnt my tongue. It still feels all rough. By then, pretty soaked, I had abandoned my umbrella, and enjoyed the feeling of my hair getting all straggly, and my pumps filling with water, and not caring what I looked like. We ate candyfloss, and laughed, and had our fortunes told by old machines, like in that movie Big. Now I'm back home, my hair is dry and I'm cuddled up in a warm cashmere jumper, thinking about all these wonderful little things that I've seen and done today. So, here is a little post about some things which rarely get a mention on here, but I wanted to share because this has been a great saturday, and a great way to end a long week. I hope you all have lovely weekends. Stop back tomorrow, when I have a giveaway for you all!

Thank you, Remco, for this amazing portrait.

3 August 2013