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"Aleksandra Woroniecka rummages around the closet in her West Village walk-up apartment and produces her beloved navy Chanel cardigan jacket. The Paris-born, New York-based stylist treasures this piece because it does exactly what all good Chanel cardigan jackets should do: elongates the arms, narrows the torso, lifts the shoulders with a little Gallic shrug. It has been performing this miracle of tailoring for the past fourteen years, yet its staying power goes beyond its ability to endure physically. Woroniecka measures its value in mental, not just material, terms. And that's the standard she uses for each and every rare wardrobe addition she makes. "I want fashion to have some meaning, and to last," she says."  Vogue magazine, November 2007.

This article is worth a read if you're interested in the concept of considering every new wardrobe addition you make an investment. It certainly makes a good argument for investing in your wardrobe, channelling out the constant stream of choices we're presented with online, in shops and on the pages of magazines, to try and work out what really makes us feel good when it comes to our clothing. I'm very curious about the mental role fashion plays in our lives - why certain items in our wardrobes make us feel better than others, and so on. I'll write more about this soon, but until then, this touches on the subject nicely. You can find the whole article here: Why Less is More, Vogue.

06 September 2013